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How to upgrade Instagram to professional account

There are two types of Instagram accounts, the first is Personal Account and the second is Business Professional Account.

Before we can connect our Instagram account to the Message2u system, there are two things that must be done.

  1. Upgrade Instagram Personal Account to Business Professional Account
  2. Connect the Instagram account to Facebook Page
  3. Turn on “Allow Access to Messages” Function

The next instruction is the former, as soon as we upgrade our account to a Business Pro account, we can move on to the second thing.

Log in to instagram account #

Login to Your Instagram Account

Click “Profile” option on left menu #

Select Profile on your Left Menu

Click “Edit Profile” #

Click Edit Profile Button

switch to professional account #

Select Switch to Professional Account on left menu

select “business” #

Choose the Category

business account functions #

Business Account Function

select category #

Select Category

insert contact details #

If you can’t save the contact details after click “Next”, or you received error message. You may click the “Don’t use my contact info” option to skip this option. we can insert the details after this section.

Insert Business Contact and Details

your account upgraded #

Your Instagram Account is Ready

important note #

From the previous step, if you can’t insert contact details, after back to the profile screen, you can insert in Professional section here.

Insert Your Contact Details in Professional Account