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Updated on March 26, 2024

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to connect Instagram to Facebook page. So you have an Instagram account and a Facebook page, but they’re not linked. To start the connection, make sure you’re the admin of the Facebook page you wish to connect.

Connect Instagram to Facebook Page

Prerequisites: #

Before getting started, ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  1. Upgrade Instagram Account: It’s crucial to upgrade your Instagram account from a normal to a professional account. If you’re unsure how to do this, refer to my previous tutorial.
  2. Facebook Page Owner: You must be the owner of the Facebook page you wish to connect to.
  3. Instagram Account Owner: You need to be the owner of the Instagram account you want to link.
  4. Login to Both Facebook and Instagram: Make sure you’re logged into both your Facebook profile and Instagram account before proceeding.

How to connect instagram to facebook page #

Step by step how to connect instagram to Facebook page in few easy step

Total Time: 3 minutes

Access Facebook Profile #

Open your Facebook profile and navigate to the top-right corner where you’ll find your account icon. Click on it.

Switch to Facebook Page #

From the dropdown menu, select the Facebook page you want to connect to. For example, “Message2U.”

Access Page Settings #

On the left-hand side menu, locate and click on “Settings.”

Navigate to Linked Accounts #

In the settings menu, find and click on “Linked Accounts.”

Connect Instagram #

Choose “Instagram” from the options, then click on “Connect Account.”

Confirm Connection #

After clicking “Connect Account,” you’ll be prompted to confirm. Click on the blue “Connect” button.

Allow Access #

Ensure that the option to “Allow access to Instagram messages in the inbox” is turned on. Click “Confirm.”

Log in to Instagram #

Enter your Instagram account credentials to complete the connection process.

Verify Connection #

Once the Instagram account is successfully connected, you’ll see a green checkmark symbol.

Finish Setup #

Finally, click on the “Done” button to complete the process.


Why should I connect Instagram to Facebook page? #

Connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook page allows for seamless integration between the two platforms, enabling you to easily share content, engage with your audience across both platforms, and access additional features such as Instagram messages in the Facebook inbox.

Do I need to have a professional Instagram account to connect it to my Facebook page? #

Yes, it’s essential to have a professional Instagram account to connect it to your Facebook page. Ensure that you’ve upgraded your Instagram account from a personal to a professional account before attempting to connect it.

Can I connect multiple Instagram accounts to one Facebook page? #

No. You only can connect ONLY 1 instagram account to one Facebook Page.

Connect Instagram to Facebook page affect my privacy settings? #

No, connect Instagram to Facebook page does not directly impact your privacy settings on either platform. However, be mindful of the content you share and the audience you engage with across both platforms to maintain your desired level of privacy.

What should I do if I encounter any issues while trying to connect Instagram to Facebook page? #

If you encounter any issues during the connection process, such as error messages or difficulties logging in, double-check that you meet all the prerequisites outlined in the tutorial, including being the owner of both the Facebook page and Instagram account. If the issue persists, you can refer to the help documentation provided by Facebook and Instagram or reach out to their support teams for assistance.

30 days FREE TRIAL without credit card


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