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Our Mission, Core Values and Core Team Members

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable more customer service departments to transition to automated and digitalized systems. Let the intelligent system reduce repetitive work by 70% and improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Edmund Ng


Extraordinary Experiences

If a company can let the intelligent system do most of the work including customer inquiries, orders, sales, notifications, follow-up, and so on. This will bring greater prospects and a future to the enterprise.

Our Core Values

The core value of the company is to allow everyone to easily create an intelligent customer service system for their own business.

Our Core Team

There are from all over the world

Susan Wong

Customer Service

Poh Feng

Customer Service


Graphic Designer

CK Low

Video Editor

Cindy Tan

Software Integrator

Jestine Lee

Software Integrator

Kristine Wong

Multimedia Organizer

Chole Tan

Multimedia Organizer