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How to Connect Instagram to Message2u

If you are trying to add Instagram to auto pilot your customer service, you are in the right place.

Instagram Automations allow Instagram Businesses to use a chatbot to manage their Instagram Direct Message (DM).

Before You Connect Instagram Business Account with Message2u, Make sure the Instagram Account Must be connected to Facebook Page for the Instagram automation to work. (ONLY Page admin allow to connect)

In order to manage Instagram messages via Message2u, IG business accounts will need to enable the connected tools to toggle under message control settings.


Connect Instagram Business with Message2u #

Go to the Sign-Up page and choose Instagram.


Important Notes #

  • Your Instagram Business account must be connected to a Facebook Page.
  • Group threads (conversations with more than 2 participants) are not supported.
  • Instagram Comment tool doesn’t work on Instagram Ads and IGTV.
  • Instagram bots can’t get the name and profile image of a private IG user account.
    ( The person will be added to your list of subscribers but with an empty name.)