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Zao Wang Zhe Sdn Bhd


No.23, Lorong Jasa Intan 4
Taman Jasa Intan, Alma
14000, Bukit Mertajam
Penang, Malaysia

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Message2u is an AI-powered chatbot designed to automate sales, marketing, and customer support tasks for businesses. It seamlessly integrates with multiple platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google My Business, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, and WK. With Message2u, businesses can respond to customer inquiries promptly, enhance customer loyalty, and drive sales.✨ Key Features: Respond effortlessly across multiple platforms. Automate sales, marketing, and customer support. Auto-reply to messages, Facebook post comments, and story replies.

No.23, Lorong Jasa Intan 4 Taman Jasa Intan, Bukit Mertajam 14000
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Zao Wang Zhe Sdn Bhd


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For any Message2u contact or support inquiries, you can reach our customer support team by calling +60174818688 or emailing us at [email protected]. We’re available Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Our office is located at No.23, Lorong Jasa Intan 4 Taman Jasa Intan, Bukit Mertajam 14000 in Malaysia. Feel free to Message2u contact us for directions or any other inquiries about our location.

Message2u is an AI chatbot platform that helps businesses automate sales, marketing, and customer support across multiple messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google My Business, Telegram, and more. For more details on our services, please Message2u contact our team.

Yes, Message2u is designed to seamlessly integrate with various platforms and services you may already be using for your business operations. Message2u contact our support staff to discuss integration options for your specific systems.

Our chatbot supports auto-replies in multiple languages to cater to your global customer base. Please Message2u contact our team to inquire about specific language capabilities.

Zao Wang Zhe Sdn Bhd, the company behind Message2u, was founded on July 29, 2020. We have over 3 years of experience in the AI chatbot industry.

Message2u leverages advanced AI technology to provide highly intelligent and context-aware chatbots that can understand and respond to complex customer queries naturally. Our platform is also designed for easy integration and scalability across multiple messaging channels. Message2u contact us to learn more about our unique offerings.